MudWood Music

Natural Harmony

 We are Jo and Amira MudWood. Our musical duet is called MudWood.
Musicians, Artists of all sorts, souls on a journey, and MamaZing creators.

MudWood music weaves harmony vocals, intricate Guitar, and earthy world Percussion to create a unique tapestry of sound.  Meaningful and conscious lyrics lay within the tapestry.  Ethereal Harp and Flute also fill the sound at times.
We are working on recording new music while being very busy with MamaZing Kombucha.

Music is our soul food and a large part of the medicine we share with the world. Our music is hard to define by genre.  It was once called World Acoustic Faery Soul.


Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, and other instruments. A Bard from the woods of Wales.  Jo’s voice is honest, clear,  and true. His Guitar playing is delicate, intricate, rich, and instinctual.


Percussionist (Udu, Darbuka, Tabla, Djembe), Harp, Vocalist, SongwriterAmira’s Percussion is also delicate, sensitive, and Earthy.  Her voice is rich and other worldly.Amira’s Harp playing is ethereal and dreamy.

Jo and Amira’s lyrics are soulful, deep, and transformational. MudWood music is Soul food.

Hours of original MudWood songs are waiting to be recorded.

MudWood is available for concerts, festivals, and events

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