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We are passionate about the wonder and beauty that surrounds us on this magical planet Earth.

We are passionate about holistic health, food as medicine, organic, Earth friendly practices, and nutrition first as the path to wellness. A sustainable life system helps to create wellness as well.

We are passionate about creativity. The crafting and making of necessities and frivolities with our hands, imaginations, knowledge, and resources that are as Earth friendly and sustainable as possible. Sculpture and ceramics, woodwork, roundhouse building, feltmaking, painting, multimedia, and music are our primary pursuits. The sharing of knowledge and skills. Being resilient and resourceful within our communities and beyond.

We make, blend and share herbal and mushroom formulas to assist with different ailments. We are passionate about plants for life and healing. We make nutritious, healthy goods and love to share what we create.

Refills, returns, and re-usables are a part of our MamaZing mission to help create a circular cycle of goods. We source our packaging carefully and thoughtfully. Our swing top bottles are known for longevity of use and sturdiness.

We use only organically grown ingredients with the purest processes of farming, harvesting, and processing. Some ingredients we grow and harvest ourselves.

From herbal elixirs, tonics, and oils. to fermented veggies and spices, to Mushrooms, to alchemical concotions, and healthy chocolates, MamaZing is commited to creating wellness products.

We are Amira and Jo MudWood. We are a musical and creative team, partners in life, busyness, and Kaitiaki of the land we live upon. We are blessed to live on the magic land and share it with many. Our vision to develop a place where people can come to learn, experience, be inspired, retreat, and rejuvenate is happening.

Stay tuned.

We are Passionate about

Natural Ways to Wellness

Plant Friends

Memory Card Game featuring illustrations of beneficial Herbs.

Mudfaery Chocolates

Chocolates that would make anyone want to stick their hands in the jar.



Natural Ways to Wellness using herbs and other plants.

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Recipes for natural ways to wellness!

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MudWood and MamaZing

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  • Wellness Gift Boxes

    MamaZing Wellness Gift Boxes are available and more are on the way to the website. MamaZing Kombucha, Mushrooms, and boxes with chocolates, oils, and tonics. In a tidy box ready for wrapping. Or a lovely gift for yourself!


  • Donations are now possible on the website!

    We are set up for donations now on the MamaZing MudWood website. The first donation button is for the MudWood Creative and Natural Living Education Centre. All donations are greatly appreciated! More information coming soon.


  • MamaZing Apothecary on the website

    MamaZing Apothecary on the website

    MamaZing Apothecary is growing. New goods are being added to the website. Tonics will debut in November. Oils, Balms, and herbal Teas are on the way. The MudFaery Chocolate range will be making their debut on the website in November also. Gift sets/ wellness sets are being prepared. Recipes and our Natural Ways to Wellness […]