Exciting Happenings!

Here at MudWood MagicLand, a MamaZing tribe has been forming. During this time of Free Up, (lockdown as the government calls it), we have been living cooperatively on the land and beginning to reform the MamaZing team. From 2 (and sometimes 3), we have become 7.

       The garden and the land has had a great input of energy the past month. From building a pig proof fence, to building compost and preparing and planting beds, it has been a beautiful evolution over this Autumn time.

   We are sharing a meal roster, collective food purchasing, and healthy living.  We share the house, although a few have external sleeping spaces.  Meetings about how to create the visions we share and inspiring creative time are a regular happening here. 

     The CrowdFunding campaign has had awesome input and needs more!  Please check out our crowdfunding campaign on our Home page for details.

     This quiet time for MamaZing has given us time to look at things differently for the future.  MamaZing Kombucha is flowing and online orders for MamaZing and Mushrooms are growing. 

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