MamaZing Kombucha was started in Golden Bay, New Zealand in 2016, by us, Jo and Amira MudWood.  Our love for Kombucha, health based living, and sharing took our passion to the world by presenting MamaZing.

Now based in the Faraway North, we are continuing to brew our premium herbal tonic in Oak barrels with the most pure water from the land.  Many of our Herbs are also from the land here. 

MamaZing was once available in many shops around NZ. In the last few years due to changes in the world, we focused more on grassroots markets and events. A few shops still share MamaZing on their shelves. A resurgence is occurring and MamaZing will be spreading to more shops and eateries again in 2024 with a new size bottle!

We are still passionate about refills and are offering these at our weekly markets.

We are passionate about Gut health, food as medicine, and nutrition first as the path to wellness.  We are passionate about organic living, sustainable land practices and business, and respecting our Earth home and Nature.  Refills, returns, and re-usables are a part of our mission.

MamaZing Kombucha is a Herbal, premium Kombucha.  We use highly reusable, swing top bottles and offer refills and returns.  Our commitment to being an Earth friendly business helping to become a circular cycle of re-use to reduce our footprint on the planet is foremost in our work.  As well as offering goods that promote wellness and optimal physical condition for all beings.  We make Probiotic goods for humans and animals.

At MamaZing we are strongly passionate about reuse of MamaZing bottles.  Taking bottles to the recycle center creates more industry and uses a lot of resources.  Mildly better than a landfill.  But reuse is the most sustainable form of recycling.  We have Refill Fountains popping up around New Zealand as part of our sustainability mission.  See our Where to Find MamaZing to find the Refill Fountains.

We started with our Faery wedding, (see Story), and soon ended up at local markets in the Nelson region.  We are now at markets in the Faraway North.  At The Old Packhouse Market in Kerikeri we have a permanent shop offering refills, MamaZing tastings, Kombucha, Apothecary potions, Mushrooms, and Herbs, Tea, Delectables, and our MudWood Art Gallery. 
 We also attend the Kaitaia Market
most Saturdays. 

MamaZing is made with the finest and carefully selected organic ingredients in an intricate, unique Oak Barrel brewing process. 

Bottled and labeled on our premises with hand operated devices. We are still using our classic bottling machine that was made by Mister Siefried 50 plus years ago for Siefried Wines.

With a passion for health and creativity, we strive to provide a high quality, Artisan elixir which offers deep wellness, Probiotic and herbal benefits, Zing, and a delicious alternative to high sugar drinks,  chemically processed energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Our Kombucha has been tested for Probiotic content. The diverse range of beneficial bacteria is listed on the label.

MamaZing Kombucha features:

A diverse range of Probiotics, lab tested. Listed on the bottle label.

Pure Spring Water from the land (Our water is also lab tested regularly and a UV filter ensures purity. )
Beneficial Herbs and Spices (Formulated carefully by our in house Herbalist/ Alchemist)
Artisan brewed in small batches in Oak Barrels.
Gourmet and unique flavour profiles that have pleased people for nearly a decade.

Full commitment to high quality and 100% Organic ingredients.

Unique and creative labels.
Swing top, very reusable bottles. We encourage bottle returns!

Refill fountains for bottle reuse and greater availability.

Focus on Earth friendly and ethical practices, aim towards Zero waste, and carefully sourced ingredients.

Family run, small business working under an ethical business model.
Commitment to customer care and dedication to conscious growth.
Low fizz, low sugar, lightly effervescent. (Can become fizzy if left in heat too long)

All Natural and Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and made with love and an immense amount of time and energy from us here at MudWood.

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