Meet the Family

The MamaZing Kombucha family is full of lively Herbs that are beneficial to the body and tasty in their unique ways. We start with luscious Spring water from our land, brew in Oak barrels with our healthy, organically raised SCOBYs, traditional and carefully sourced Teas and organic, Fair trade cane Sugar. We culture our brews long in their lovingly warm Kombuchery. Our brewing process ensures the healthiest, tastiest Kombucha we can create. Once it is brewed in the first Oak barrel with its mother culture, we move the Kombucha into the infusion barrel for a second ferment. This is where we add the fresh and dried, all organic Herbs. Some are from our land and as much as possible sourced locally or direct. Once this infusion is complete, we bottle the brew and condition for optimal Zing!

Our Herbal combinations have been created by us here at MamaZing. Us being, Amira and Jo MudWood, the Mama and Papa of the Zing. We take our MamaZing brews to local markets and select events. We sell through resonant outlets and places we know MamaZing is needed or appreciated.

With the effervescence of a Cider or Champagne, the excitement of a Ginger Beer or fizzy drink, complex taste of a fine drink, and refreshing nature of a juice or water, MamaZing Kombucha is a Zing for all times. MamaZing is also a Herbal Elixir and is a wonderful way to ingest nature’s potions.

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