A Faery magical wedding.

We are Jo and Amira MudWood.

Together we are working towards becoming a duo that can fully create together in harmony, manage together, grow together, and manifest together. It is a commitment.

We create art and crafts, music, gardens, dwellings, medicine, and all sorts.

Once upon a time we discovered the joys and benefits of drinking and then making our own Kombucha. For our non alcohol wedding, we brewed a very whole lot of Kombucha. 4 of the flavours we have today (with a few additions) were birthed then. As the brews are continuous, we kept going and went to market. Into shops and into the guts of many.

Our first SCOBY was named MamaZing and became a prolific culture. When we started making labels, we needed a name. MamaZing sang to us.

We started MamaZing in Golden Bay, New Zealand. We then relocated to the Faraway North to find land and more permanent home. We landed at a place that was called Magicland. It is truly magical. Blessed with spring water and a place to brew our Kombucha, we are still here.

MamaZing was born from love and commitment.

 We are committed to an Organic and wholesome lifestyle.  We are committed to sustainable business. We are committed to integrity and transparency with our ingredients and processes.

We are committed making high quality, healthy and creative food products.

Stop back to see our regrowing website full of MamaZing and MudWood stuffs.

Our musical duet is called MudWood and features harmony Vocals, Guitar, Harp, world Percussion, and Flute.  Conscious lyrics, Soulful sound, and heartfelt music. Find our music under the MudWood tab.

Artists of wood, clay, paint, felt, and other mediums. Gallery is coming.

As the MudFaeries of MudWood, we create onsite Sculpture from the Earth.

 We also create Roundhouses.  Jo is from Wales and is a wiggly wood builder.

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