Plant Friends Memory Card Game


Plant Friends Memory Card Game

18 Herb illustrations by Amira are featured in a game fun for all ages!
This Memory Card Game offers the experience of fun and learning!

18 beneficial plants are featured on the cards in duplicate for use as a
Memory Card Game. 38 cards in each set include instruction card.
This high quality game comes in a box with a booklet.
Instructions are in the booklet as well as tips on use of some Herbs and
the illustration of each Plant Friend featured on the cards.
This is a non-competetive version of the traditional Memory Card game.
This is the first set of a series of Plant Friends. This first set features common
garden herbs and well known medicinal plants.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 114 × 225 × 225 cm

Faery Berry, Nebulous, Aunty Zing, Kapowa!, PapaZing, Mystery, Uncle Bean, Mixed Box

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