MudWood MamaZing Crowdfunding

Exciting things are happening here! We have found this a place to grow many potent visions.  We have planted the seeds and grown the seedlings for the garden of good things to come.  We need the nourishment for these seedlings to grow.  We are asking for sponsorship to build new spaces for learning and retreats and to keep the magic projects happening! This land is abundant and the sharing of it can continue and grow with your help!   Every bit adds up.    We believe with the help of the collective, we can raise the funds to build these projects and keep this organic vision growing.  Contribute to MudWood MamaZing MagicLand to help support amazing projects!  We need to keep this Magic Land sacred and open for sharing! Be involved in the growth of a wonderful vision and reality.
Together we can do this!


 Hello all.  Kia ora.  May this find you well in the world.

     At this time, we are recovering from damage from floods, Cyclones, and extreme wetness.  The Chocolate making space is having a renovation to recover from leaks and mould.  This is our immediate fund raising.  We have received a grant for some of the renovations.  We are raising funds for this build.  This will eventually become a space where public can peek in on the chocolate making when we convert the house into the Chocolaterie.

This project is beginning in June and will hope to be complete by August.  We will then move onto the gathering/ circle/ workshop space.  And then the Education centre workshop.  Which is already in place, but needs some weatherproofing.  Following that will be the new Apothecary.  And so on.  This vision spans years.  And is ongoing.

What is happening right now on the land has made it more apparent than ever that we need to remain here on this land and hold space for awesome things to happen.

For this, we are asking for crowdfunding donations towards the education and retreat centre, as well as development.  More projects will come later.  This is the priority for us, as it is apparent the organic living, creativity, and community is in need of sharing and spreading at this time for than ever!

Co-creating and co-existing in a natural way feels like the way forward to a less exhausted and more fulfilled life.  We are tribal beings.  And here we have a home for tribe and a place ready for sharing knowledge and inspiration!

  Space for some to live and some to visit and experience.  Organic living in tune with nature and each other.

The horses are providing comfort and relaxation for those here.   We are learning how to be with them as they help to maintain the land and hold spirit.  A round pen is in the works for training and for people to work with horses as part of the education centre.  The cats are keeping people amused and loved up, as usual. Tillaroo, our rescue pig, is growing into a great friend and plow.  He helps till the land.

The woods are a place of solace and peace, as well as a hive of activity as fallen trees are made into fire wood and prepared for roundhouse building.

We continue to brew MamaZing Kombucha and send Kombucha, medicinal Mushrooms, and ZingChi Ferments around New Zealand. The markets and festivals are buzzing again.  Our tonic range is growing and oils, balmes, and other herbal concoctions are in the making.

   A crowdfunding campaign for the new Apothecary/ Kombuchery will be launched in Spring.

    The house is now a chocolate factory and will become a hub/ centre for the education and retreat centre.  We hope to start to build our home in Spring in hopes to be able to turn this into a completely public space with sculpture gardens out front. 

We are filling up our calandar for 2023 and wanting to start our creative and organic living education programs. Exciting things are in the works!

Plant Friends Memory Card Game has been launched and more cards are in the works!  This has been in the manifestation process for nearly 10 years!

On the land here, the gratitude is high, the blessings are being counted, and we are enjoying life and being productive in ways that feel healthy for us and the world around us.  The gardens are bursting and need more hands.  A need for more accommodation on the land to house people.

  We are seeking financial help to continue the vision for a sanctuary, wellness and education centre, food forest, healthy food and natural medicine business, and organic land that is well loved and nurtured. 

    The temporary temple needs a bit of work and will be able to hold space for workshops, dance, ceremonies, and such.

Even a little bit is not little.  Each of us has the power to make a huge difference to someone.  Every donation makes a huge difference to us.

We are Amira and Jo MudWood.  Creators of MamaZing Kombucha and Apothecary, MudWood music and Art, and guardians of Magic Land.  We are committed to sharing our ways of living with the world to help inspire others.  We live with organic and nature based principles, focus on sustainability for the planet and creatures on it, and strive for helping create and maintain a healthier world.  Those of you that know us know that we work hard to create our unique Kombucha and other medicinal products, as well as sharing our music and art with the world in hopes to inspire and share messages of transformation, connections, and truth.  We do what we do for love of this life.  And now we do this with others as a collective.  Allowing space for others to come and learn, experience, and live.  We are also open to others joining us on the land.

We have found this a place to grow many potent visions.  We have planted the seeds and grown the seedlings for the garden of good things to come.  We need the nourishment for these seedlings to grow.  We are asking for help with the funding to keep this land under the feet of MamaZing and MudWood. This land is magic and the sharing of it can continue and grow with your help! This is home to MamaZing Kombucha, us and our guests, 5 horses, 3 cats and 3 kittens, and a very many visitors.  And will be home to many more to come.

Magic Land was the name given to the land we work and live on by the previous loving guardians. This land is a 50 acre patch of magic in an area that was cleared for farming.  Forest, ponds, river, beautiful trees, abundance of food and herbs.  This land and its existing spaces hold possibilities for many people to be involved in and to spend time or live here.  We have already hosted many visitors, work exchange folks, and people who have experienced the magic of this place.  The house on it is perfect as a shared space and heartquarters for MamaZing and education centre.  We intend to build our roundhouse on the land to free up the house.  As it flows, we share the house with all who stay on the land presently.

MamaZing Kombucha is made here with Spring water and many Herbs from the land.  MamaZing Kombucha is a special Kombucha herbal elixir, which is spreading like mycelium.  Our focus is on maximum health by making a very quality Kombucha and sustainability through refills and returns.  Delectables, ZingChi, and MamaZing Apothecary Herbs are also made and grown here.  The MamaZing heartquarters is in the house.  And the workshop area is the making studio for all things created for fitting out MamaZing shops and MudWood galleries.  This land is in the Faraway North of New Zealand.  A sub tropical, lush landscape.  A river runs through the land.  And the ocean is not too far away, and the river runs through the land.  Springs are ever flowing.

We are working on food forests and organic gardens that will feed the community.  And will help provide a place for learning and sharing.

Herb walks and education about organic practices on land has already started.


Our Pledge:

  This land is for sharing.  Sharing with others to live on, work on and offer experiences on. 

We  have been hosting work exchange folks and intern/ apprentices.  The experiences they have here on the land and living an organic, healthy lifestyle are enriching.  People that come through learn many new skills and take away different perspectives. We would like to offer apprenticeships as well as workshops and classes in Feltmaking, Woodcraft, Roundhouse building, Art and Music, Healthy living, organic horticulture, and more.

The funds raised in this campaign will first be used to create and remodel current spaces for use for knowledge sharing, creativity,   We plan to host more live music concerts, youth events, and organic living events. We already have plans for a seasonal music day.

  We are looking to put this land in a Trust or form of cooperative agreement and form an education centre, wellness centre, and venue for resonant events and gatherings.

There is much land available for growing food for the community.  We currently grow Bananas, and have started Turmeric, Ginger, and other special Herbs and foods.  We look to growing many subtropicals as well as ingredients for MamaZing.  We are raising funds for tunnel houses and irrigation systems.

We envision a wellness and creativity focused retreat sanctuary here.  We have the ability to build beautiful Roundhouses and can facilitate workshops.  As well as the wood for timber.  This is where the Mud and Wood truly meet on the physical plane!  We see having a few retreat roundhouses, as well as other people who live on the land dwelling in co-built roundhouses.  This land is a sanctuary in this world.  We would like to honour this and offer space for others in the ways we can.  And to offer enriching experiences for all who come.  Roundhouse building courses are part of the vision,  This offers opportunities for everyone to learn to build their shelter.

We see MudWood Magic Land as a place we have been offered guardianship of in faith. The land will be maintained organically and with utmost integrity for the environment.  We seek others to join us here on the land.  We purchased this 50 acre paradise with land and buildings and an intention to share it. It has multiple house sites which are open to build accommodations and retreat roundhouses on.

MamaZing Kombucha is growing so well here.  There is scope in this business for cooperative opportunities and community involvement. We are growing so well here.  Many things are growing so well here. 

Please help us to grow these great visions!

Every bit adds up.  And will help to create an environment for wellness, growth, and sharing.

This is not an all or nothing campaign.  This is an ongoing donation crowdfunding.

  Let’s do this together!!!

Arohanui, Love, Amira and Jo


Investment, interest free loans or land sharing are also considered. Contact us to discuss some exciting possibilities!