MudWood Apothecary


MudWood Apothecary/ MamaZing Kombuchery/ Mushroomery

      It is time for growth!  MamaZing has outgrown her wee Kombuchery.  And the new cooperative team has energy for more great things to happen!  Mushroom growing, Apothecary medicine making, and more focus on growing organic food and herbs.

The new Apothecary will be a roundhouse built by us.  The design will be online soon.  This building will be run on solar and hydro power.  As well as heated by rocket stove.  This will eliminate the insane power bills we experience, as well as helping us to achieve our sustainability goals as a business.

The Mushroomery will be a part of the Kombuchery building and will utilize the heat generated as well as other aspects in a symbiotic relationship.  We will focus on growing edible and medicinal mushrooms such as Oyster, Shiitake, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and button mushrooms, to name a few. 

We envision starting this build in late Autumn.  And inviting others to be a part of the build for a learning experience, as Jo teaches roundhouse building.