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Chocolate Lotus


    The Chocolate lotus is a beautiful gift for chocolate lovers and lotus lovers alike.  Or anyone who loves chocolate, really!  Also, a great cake topper.
It measures 9cm across by 4.5cm high.  Approximately 110 grams.
Our chocolate is raw and full of nutrients!
As well as delicious, divine, and delectable!
We use 100% Organic ingredients.
We use Ceremonial grade Criollo Cacao from Peru, Papa New Guinea,
and Solomon Islands.
All chocolates are prepared in a 100% gluten free kitchen and are gluten free, refined sugar free, organic, vegan, and made with love!
     Enjoy your Mudfaery Chocolates!
These are a custom ordered chocolate.  There is a 4-6 day turnaround for these orders.
Shipping is from the Faraway North, which requires patience.  The delivery ticket says overnight, but is not accurate.  Expect delivery in 4-8 working days.  Thanks.

Divine Dark Lion’s Mane

Divine Dark is made with Cacao Paste and Cacao Butter, Coconut sugar, Vanilla bean, and Cardamom.  Our chocolate are raw and full of nutrients!  As well as delicious, divine, and delectable!

Delectable Dark Lion’s Mane
Delectable is our lighter dark chocolate with the same ingredients as Divine Dark.  However, Delectable is refined with Coconut or Hemp hearts (depending on the batch) to make it creamier and more like a rich milk chocolate.  Non dairy, of course.  More suited for milk chocolate lovers than Divine Dark.
         Comes in a gift box.


Shipping is not included.  Please choose Chocolate (rural if rural address) shipping at checkout.

Thank you. 




Divine Dark Lion's Mane, Divine Super Duper, Divine Exotic Spice, Divine Special Dark, Divine Dark Earth

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