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From Amira: Chocolate is a passion I have had for all of my life. At 18 I worked with a craft chocolate maker. And then was taught how to make proper truffles. Over the years, I continued making chocolate here and there. Refining recipes to healthier versions as I focused more on health as I grew older. The past decades I have focused on organic, gluten free and vegan chocolates and cake.

I fell in love with sculptural molds. And have created many flavours in my range. Chocolates, truffles and cakes have been selling at our local markets for many years now. In the past year I have focused more on chocolate making and have launched Mudfaery ChocolArt. Attending chocolate festivals and providing chocolate at festivals and markets has given me great feedback and joy. Starting to sell chocolate online in gift sets has inspired me to launch the new website. MamaZing has been providing a space for the chocolates for years. Chocolate has a life of its own. And is ready to spread its beans.

Over the coming months, the chocolate range will debut on the website. Mudfaery ChocolArt will be at Chocstock in Wellington to present the range as well as special chocolate sculptures. Check back on the website as I will be offering videos on chocolate making and such.

Gratitude to the Cacao.

Love, Amira Mudfaery MudWood and primary chocolate taster Jo MudWood

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