Mudfaery ChocolArt

Mudfaery ChocolArt can be found every week at local Northland markets. Saturdays in Kerikeri and Thursdays in Taipa. Making a special debut at the Chocolate and Coffee Show in Auckland in October, Mudfaery ChocolArt is unique. Artisan made, sculptural chocolates in wonderful flavours with all organic, healthful ingredients.

Mudfaery ChocolArt will make its debut on the MamaZing website in December. Using carefully sourced Cacao from Peru, Solomon Islands, Papa New Guinea, and Mexico, other delicate ingredients are added to compliment the unique flavours of each of these beans.

A chocolate range with MamaZing Mushrooms, as well as gourmet flavours such as Mint, Matcha and Nib; Tropical Delight; Exotic Spice and our more creamy, milky like chocolate refined with Hemp hearts instead of milk and enhanced with Dates and Lion’s Mane offer a beautiful range. New flavours emerge regularly. And a range of Truffles and filled chocolates make appearances.

Check back in December or subscribe for updates to find out when the chocolates are online. Gift boxes will be online also.

Mudfaery ChocolArt. Yummmmm!