Mamazing is seeking a business partner/ investor(s)

MamaZing Kombucha, Ferments, and Apothecary is seeking more core team to help take MamaZing to a more financially sustainable place. Crowdfunding will be happening soon to enable others to be involved in this journey. However, we are keen to find a business minded business partner or investor to be a part of the MamaZing team.

MamaZing has been going nearly 4 years. We have expanded from our reknowned Kombucha elixir to ZingChi Ferments, Delectables, and the Apothecary. All of these expansions have been tested through our markets and are worthy of growing! We are working on our taproom in the Far North, as well as other plans for making MamaZing more sustainable and stable. Coming to the Far North has been an adventure and having a grounded place for MamaZing is allowing for more exciting plans to emerge.

Contact us to discuss the opportunity and possibilities!