MamaZing Mushrooms!

MamaZing Mushrooms are medicinal, “functional” (all mushrooms function in different ways), extract powders. Carefully sourced and certified organic. 100% pure fruiting bodies with no […]

Spirit Festival

This week at Spirit Festival, MudWood and MamaZing! At Kumeu Showgrounds Thursday through Sunday. Join us for a great gathering of spirit, music, dance, […]

MamaZing Mushroom Potions!

Updated MamaZing Mushroom Potion blends have just gone into the website shop! Potent medicinal Mushroom extract powders. Certified Organic, carefully sourced, and hand blended […]

October News

Has been awhile since our last update due to internet issues and time lack. MamaZing has had some major growth spurts the past few […]

MagicLand is settling!

We have been blown away by the support we have received for this. Some donations came in to our crowdfunding, and one very generous […]

Exciting Happenings!

       Here at MudWood MagicLand, a MamaZing tribe has been forming. During this time of Free Up, (lockdown as the government calls it), we […]

Asking the People Who Care

If we don’t ask, we never receive the answer. We are asking for HELP. The land that we brew and bottle MamaZing Kombucha on, […]


A day of live music, resonance and gathering. Featuring Matiu Te Huki, Jon Sanders, and MudWood all playing beautiful sets of music throughout the […]

MamaZing Apothecary

The MamaZing Apothecary is growing! Click the Apothecary button to find out more! At MamaZing, we are passionate about natural ways to wellness. From […]

MamaZing at the Vegan Expo

The Vegan Expo in Whangarei was a great event. MamaZing was there with a Refillery, Kombucha, Delectables, ZingChi Ferments, and Apothecary. The movement towards […]

Halloween Market at The Old Packhouse

Tonight at The Old Packhouse, the Halloween Night Market!  Find FacePainting by Amira at MamaZing, along with Kombucha, Delectables, ZingChi, Apothecary, and MudWood Art!

Meet the Family

The MamaZing Kombucha family is full of lively Herbs that are beneficial to the body and tasty in their unique ways. We start with […]

The General Collective at Ambury Park!

This Sunday, MamaZing will be at Ambury Farm Day in Auckland with the General Collective Market. Admission is free. 10am-4pm.

website repair underway!

The MudWood MamaZing website is under repair after an unexpected demise. If you are looking to order MamaZing Kombucha, please contact us directly through […]

ZingChi, Uncle Bean, Delectables, MudWood Art and the MamaZing Apothecary!

MamaZing has seen a whirlwind of a year so far! The move to the Faraway North has been a major readjustment time for MamaZing […]

Exciting Faery Berry News!

Faery Berry is our light and lovely, Caffeine Free, Rooibos brew. In addition to the Vitamin C rich Rosehips, Vanilla Bean and Cardamom, Faery […]

Uncle Bean!!!

Uncle Bean has arrived!  Brewed in a beautiful Oak Barrel, Uncle Bean is smooth, silky, and Zingy!  Brewed with organic, dark Coffee beans in […]

MamaZing is looking for Investors!

    MamaZing is looking for Investors.  If you are a socially conscious Investor who has an interest in sustainable business, healthy products, and organic, […]

MudWood Music

MudWood Music is coming to a Festival near you! As well as new recordings starting to emerge after a long hiatus while birthing MamaZing […]

New Website!

Hello visitors!  Our website was lost in translation.  We are working fast to put a new one in its place.  Check back regularly for […]